• Sparkling Brussels

    Sandrine Herinckx founded Sparkling Brussels to help expat mothers with young children make their transition to Brussels as smooth as possible. She offers practical advice about living in Brussels, organises visits and participation in cultural events designed for families with young children. Through her blog, Sandrine tries to provide every possible way to avoid the trap into which mothers with young children can fall when they move to a new place where they don't know anyone: specific practical solutions, opportunities for making friends, help with practising the local language(s) and LOTS of possibilities for discovering Brussels and its cultural offerings, even with small children.

  • City Golf Brussels

    With City Golf, visitors can now discover the historic city centre of Brussels while playing some golf in a number of its top locations. Hit a ball on the Mont des Arts for example, and be guided around the sights in the heart of Brussels. Tours last 2 or 3 hours, and include a break in an authentic Brussels café. City Golf takes tours to a contemporary level, combining fun tales and anecdotes with a fun experience.

    In figures : 103 bookings, 5263 participants, €100,000 investment.

  • "100 Masters": 100 Top showpieces from Brussels' museums

    On 18 May 2016 the Brussels Museum Council launched a mighty image campaign to promote the best showpieces in the permanent collections at Brussels' museums. The aim? To inform the general public – Brussels, Belgium and international – of the enormous wealth of museum heritage. Museums often invest considerable time, money and energy in exhibitions, meaning that the valuable pieces in their permanent collections can remain in shadows. The campaign “100 Masters” aimed to bring these unique pieces into the spotlight: a selection of 100 top items featured in the spotlights in 41 Brussels museums for 100 days (18/5-27/8/2016).

    In figures: 100 top items, 100 days, 41 participating museums, 3,795,607 impressions on Facebook, 1,484,999 impressions on Twitter, hundreds of special events linked to the project (guided apero-tours, tours for families and children, speed dates, workshops…)

  • Arts&Publics - Free first Sunday museum admissions

    The Arts&Publics Association connects cultural audiences with existing purveyors. It supports free museums and especially free admission on the first Sunday of each month. It disseminates information and organises promotional events. On a day to day basis, Arts&Publics communicates through its website, Facebook, Twitter and the media about museums (and free admission) in Brussels and works on related projects geared toward encouraging the public to explore the city and its museums. Arts&Publics also regularly updates a Free Museum Guide which can be downloaded from its website.

    A few facts and figures: nearly 300,000 visits to its website in 2016, 26,600 Facebook followers, 1,600 participants at free festivals, media coverage from Bruzz, RTBF, 7sur7, Métro, La Capial, La Libre Belgique, etc.

  • Bruxelles Ma Belle

    Bruxelles Ma Belle offers a chance to discover Brussels as you have never seen (or heard) it: through music! Indeed, Belgian and international groups are invited to come and play their music at out-of-the-ordinary heritage sites before the cameras and microphones of Bruxelles Ma Belle. This way internet users were able to visit the roof of Sainte Gedule Cathedral with Vianney, the Rue Neuve church with Camille, the Musical Instruments Museum with Editors, the Brussels Stock Exchange with Puggy, and many more! The 130 artists filmed and 95 sites visited are listed at A unique and original way to discover our beautiful capital!

    A few facts and figures: 13,000 fans on Facebook, five million views on YouTube, 9,500 Twitter followers, collaborations with RTBF, Le Soir, and Les Inrockuptibles.

  • United Music of Brussels

    United Music of Brussels is a collaborative project run by three federal cultural institutions (the Palace of Fine Arts, the Royal Monnaie Theatre and Belgium's National Orchestra) in an attempt to unite the residents of Brussels using artistic expression in a number of different public places in Brussels, aimed at rejuvenating the community spirit and focusing on the positive aspects of the capital's diversity.

    Sixteen special and unusual locations in the centre – including ones above and below the ground, a hotel, swimming pool, cinema and private home – were all used by musicians in a variety of formations ranging from duos to quintets, as they each gave their all, ending up with a grand finale in the Halles Saint-Géry.

    In figures: around 30 press articles and radio and TV documentaries, 5461 visitors to 16 different locations, 132 artists, 47 enthusiastic volunteers…

  • Cyclommunication

    Cyclommunication is expanding the use of electric tricycles for passenger transportation in the downtown area for transit or guided tours. Cars have been relegated outside of the new downtown pedestrian zone, but the demand for transportation is still there. So the Cyclo-Taxi is the ideal tool for connexions with other modes of transportation. It's also a new way to visit the city. With its panoramic roof, riders can have their head in the clouds while they discover the city's architectural treasures and traverse the Holy Isle's little alleys.