Balloon’s Day Parade 2016

Sunday 04/09
Inflation : 10 a.m. - 2 p.m Place des Palais 
Departure :  2 p.m. Place des Palais
Arrival : 6 p.m. Boulevard Lemonnier

On the occasion of the Brussels Comic Strip Festival, the 8th Balloon's Day Parade will take place along the main streets of Brussels. Composed of famous Belgian comic strip characters, the Balloon's Day Parade will give kids young and old the opportunity to see these gigantic balloons.

This year, the Balloon's Day Parade will take place on Sunday 4 September. For an hour and a half, a parade of giant balloons taking the form of comic strip characters will cross the city, turning it upside down. The Balloon's Day Parade and the Comic Strip festival will plunge comic fans into the fantastic world of Belgian comics. Another brand new balloon representing a famous comic strip character will join this year's parade.

The impressive sight of the balloons being inflated will begin in the morning at the Place des Palais. During the afternoon, Billy, Spirou, Tintin, Le Chat and their new friends will parade through the city center. The route comes to an end on Boulevard Lemonnier, where the balloons will be deflated.

The Balloon's Day Parade is currently looking for volunteers to carry the balloons in the parade between 14:00 and 18:00. Application forms are available on demand: (02 412 71 40).