Exhibitions in the city

  • Brussels Francophone Parliament

    10 years of the Raymond Leblanc Award - Young comic strip authors

    This exhibition looks back at the 10 years of the Raymond Leblanc Award. What happened to the winners? What did their Award do for them? For this anniversary, the Raymond Leblanc Foundation has gathered together the work of various winners and, with them, a promising snapshot of this one-of-a-kind award.

    The Raymond Leblanc Award, the best-endowed comic strip contest in the world, has been receiving support from the French Community Commission (Cocof) and the Brussels-Capital Region since it started in 2006. Its winners receive a real, paid contract with a publisher. The winning project is published in album format by Éditions du Lombard and is the subject of a promotional campaign in Le Soir newspaper.

    The promoters of the Award, the Raymond Leblanc Foundation, do not place any conditions on the participants in regard to nationality. The contest also has no age limit. The authors are free to submit comic strips featuring humour, adventure, fantasy, science fiction and more... The professional jury is chaired each year by a distinguished author. Since its creation, Jean Van Hamme, Johan De Moor, Jean Dufaux, Stephen Desberg, Dany, Fréderic Jannin, Olivier Grenson, Marvano, Zidrou, J.L Munuera and Derib have all led its deliberations.

    The award is named for Raymond Leblanc, the founding father of the Tintin magazine and Éditions du Lombard. It perpetuates his visionary nature and his wish to share the enthusiasm of young creators with the greatest possible number of people. Raymond Leblanc revealed the talents of Jacobs, Cuvelier, Martin, Tibet, Macherot, Graton, Vance, Dupa, Dany, Derib, etc. and Le Lombard presented the characters of Blake and Mortimer, Corentin, Alix, Ric Hochet, Chlorophylle, Michel Vaillant, Bruno Brazil, Cubitus, Olivier Rameau, Jonathan, Bernard Prince, etc.

    The Raymond Leblanc Award perpetuates this spirit of ongoing discovery by helping promising artists to make comic strips their profession. This exhibition displays their talent.

    Date : 5/9 > 25/09/2016
    Address : Brussels Francophone Parliament– Rue du Lombard, 77 - 1000 Bruxelles
    Opening hours : every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Price : Free

  • Belgian Comic Strip Centre

    Etienne Davodeau – Chronicles of real life

    Dates : 14/6 > 27/11/2016

    While many authors of comic strips love to create imaginary universes, Étienne Davodeau is very different. He anchors his stories in reality and draws on his surroundings, his local area.

    Whether documentaries or fiction, his stories are rooted in society. They tell of local life, the world of work, issues, struggles, solidarity and friendship. A profoundly humanistic author, he talks about his fellow citizens and his country and goes out to uncover what he does not know by asking questions and doing research. His stories are drawn with great accuracy and give those who defend their ideas or follow unusual paths an opportunity to speak.

    Frank Pé – the passions of a faun

    Dates : 22/3 > 4/9/2016 – final weekend!

    A pastoral god for the Romans, in the mythology of modern society, the faun has become a cherished intermediary between humanity and nature... like Frank Pé. A lover of the shapes and colours that surround us, an admirer of Franquin, Follet and Mucha, Frank Pé is an exceptionally gifted creator of stories and images. After signing his work with just his first name for a long time, he married emotion with the representation of nature in "Broussaille" and "Zoo". In 2016, his published works will be brought up to date with the publication of an original album with the adventures of Spirou and Fantasio. The BCSC exhibition is a sneak preview, letting you discover several original panels.

    Guided tour of the Frank Pé exhibition led by the author – Sunday 4 September at 10.30 a.m.

    64_page – Expo Gallery

    Dates : 30/8 > 23/10/2016

    64_page hopes to provide a springboard for young authors by offering them a creative space. A place for them to confront their readers and show off their savoir faire, with no limits set for the techniques and topics. For the second consecutive year, the young 64_page authors have the opportunity to display their work in the BCSC Gallery.

    All day Saturday and Sunday, the 64_page authors will hold signings and give guided tours of the exhibition to explain their work and their careers to the general public.

    There are many letters in comic strips that take our paper heroes to exotic islands, undersea cities, shipwrecks, in other words, to a wealth of adventures and treasures! And rightly so... Not very long ago, a letter from the Comic Strip Museum was found that contained some mysterious crosses... Decipher this letter and all its puzzles and discover the treasures of the world of comic strips! Open continuously.

    Address : Rue des Sables, 20 - 1000 Bruxelles
    Opening hours : every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Price : Adults €10 / Seniors €8 / 12-25 years old €7 / under 12 years old €3.50

  • Korean Cultural Centre

    Comic Strip Exhibition "Our parents' lives"

    The Brussels Korean Cultural Centre is organising its third exhibition of Belgian and Korean comic strips and showing the work of artists from the two countries under the theme of "our parents' lives". Four Belgian and Korean artists have been invited to unveil their ways of talking about life's bitter-sweetness. It is also an opportunity to look at our societies through the prism of human relationships. The Centre will also show a Korean webtoon.

    This work by KIM Keumsuk, "My father's song", is autobiographical. The author tells of his childhood in Korea as one of a family of 9 children in the years between 1970 and 1980. Through the everyday life of a humble family, his work depicts the evolution of society in the midst of the economic development of that period.

    In "Macaroni! ", Vincent Zabut tells the story of a boy spending his holiday with an embittered grandfather. This book, illustrated by Thomas Campi, about the sometimes difficult communication between generations, treats Italian immigration with delicacy.

    In "The mummies", MA Youngshin shows a mother who above all continues to be a woman. This work shows the place that maternity takes over femininity in a woman's life. The author uses humour to show that a mother can also live her life as a woman.

    Judith Vanistendael looks at mourning in "David, women and death". With restraint, the artist describes the sadness of a family on the death of the father. This sadness, the final evidence of family love, is pictured perfectly with her delicate, poetic touch.

    Opening and talk: 1 September 2016, with the authors KIM Keumsuk, MA Youngshin and Vincent Zabut.

    Date : 01/09 > 22/10/2016
    Address : Korean Cultural Centre - Rue de la Régence, 4 - 1000 Bruxelles
    Opening hours : Monday to Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Also open as an exception on 04/09
    Price : Free

  • Japan Information and Cultural Centre

    Manga Hokusai Manga: Approaching the Master’s Compendium from the Perspective of Contemporary Comics

    In light of Japan’s contemporary comics and their global proliferation, the 19th-century Hokusai Manga is attracting increasing interest. Fans worldwide tend to even regard this pictorial compendium by ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai as the origin of today’s manga. But the outward appearance of these two types of manga does not immediately suggest a continuous tradition. Do present-day graphic narratives and the master’s “diverse drawings” share anything other than a name? Unlike past exhibitions of Hokusai’s work, Manga Hokusai Manga approaches the Hokusai Manga from the perspective of contemporary Japanese comics, focusing on genre, pictorial storytelling and participatory culture rather than the integration of word and image or the role of popular characters. And instead of aiming at a historiographic verification of influences, the exhibition invites viewers to ponder their own notions about manga by comparing works from different periods while exploring the diversity therein.

    Date : 14/7 > 20/9/2016
    Place : Rue Van Maerlant, 1 - 1040 Brussels
    Opening Hours : Monday to Friday, from 9:15 to 12:30 & from 13:30 to 17:00
    Price : Free