International Pavilion

Several foreign authors and artists will make the trip to Brussels for this year’s Comic Strip Festival weekend so that you can discover their countries’ comic strips. Besides Quebec, guest of honour, more than 15 foreign cultural delegations will stop at the International Pavilion. Exhibitions, book signings, lectures and workshops…will take you on a journey around the world.

  • China (FR-NL-EN)

    On the initiative of the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the China Cultural Centre in Brussels, there will be a lot to see on the China stand throughout the weekend:

    • An exhibition of 50 original strips created by 10 Chinese cartoonists and a unique series of strips from the comic "San Mao", a character rooted in Chinese popular culture.
    • Creation of original drawings by two Chinese cartoonists, including the famous artist Zao Dao.
    • Book signings and meetings with the illustrators.
    • Children will not miss out either: they can watch cartoons from Chinese popular culture and get to work creating their own comic strip character under the watchful eye of our artists.

    The China Cultural Centre in Brussels will be showing films and animations relating to the Chinese comic strip world throughout September. Visit their website for more information about the schedule:

  • Havana (FR-NL-EN-ES)

    Take an extraordinary trip to Algiers, Brussels and Havana! “The Algiers-Brussels-Havana Triangle is a cultural project supported by the Brussels-Capital Region. Autrique House, the first private townhouse built by Art Deco architect Victor Horta, aspires to bring together the comic books and the heritage of Algiers, Brussels and Havana, respectively. This exhibition is a foretaste of the cross-cultural encounter to be illustrated by the periodical publication “Crónicas Urbanas,” starting in 2017.

  • Czech Republic (FR-EN)

    While not as important in the cultural landscape as they are in Belgium, comic books and comic strips are, nevertheless, a significant cultural phenomenon in the Czech Republic. Relatively little known outside Eastern Europe, the Czech comic strip is coming back to the Comic Strip Festival with three publishing houses: Meander, which publishes unique art books for children, children’s books for adults and comic books for everybody; Baobab, which concentrates on alternative illustrated children’s books and cooperation with the artists of the future; and edition lidu, which supports artistic creation and literary culture with an original approach. Two Czech comic book authors will be at the Festival to offer book signings and workshops, as well as meetings.

  • South Korea (FR-EN)

    Kim Keum Suk, an impressively passionate and remarkable artist, will be at the Comic Strip Festival!  In very powerful style, she has produced several books based on true stories and never hesitates to describe and develop her own thoughts, which sometimes are dark and bitter. Kim Keum Suk will create a graphic performance directly before your eyes and will sign her work.

    At the same time, come and discover the work of several other South Korean artists, along with Kim Keum Suk and Ma Youngshin, in the course of an exhibition.

  • National Cultural Institutes of the European Union (EUNIC) (FR-EN)

    EUNIC members work to promote their countries’ culture outside the European Union. Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Romania and Turkey come together to promote the comic books and strips of Europe.

    On the programme: exhibition, workshops, improvisation, on-the-spot drawing sessions and more than 20 artists present to take visitors into their universe. Throughout the weekend, EUNIC will conduct more than a dozen workshops, free of charge, to launch the comic strip creation process and discover the drawing techniques of foreign artists (detailed timetable below).

    To discover the complete program of workshops held on EUNIC stand, click here

    To discover the artists of each country present at the Comic Book Festival and details of each exhibition, click here

  • Italy (EN-IT)

    Italy will return to the Comic Strip Festival with its famous comics festival: Luccas Comics & Games!

    Exhibition : Lucca Comics & Games’ quick instructions to Italian Comics, part 2 - Noir

    Italian comics have a long and rich tradition. Some masters are known worldwide, like Hugo Pratt, but many artists and characters never got out of the Italian border. In the second “quick instructions” exhibition presented by Lucca Comics & Games at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival, the focus is on mystery and noir: ten contemporary artists, presented with their characters and a selection of books for the audience to browse, to start learning about comic books famous in Italy but mostly unknown abroad.

    Guests : Mirka Andolfo & Riccardo Pieruccini

    Accomplished penciler and colorist, Mirka Andolfo started her own comic Sacro e Profano (Sacred and Profane) on the Internet, and it immediately became a hit. The funny love story between a sexy angel and her boyfriend, a perennially aroused devil, also became a series of books, which had a huge success. Her new comic book, Contro Natura, published by Panini, will be released at Lucca Comics & Games 2016. She is currently working for DC Comics for the all-female series DC Bombshells.

    Cartoonist, character designer, visualizer, Riccardo Pieruccini works with many Italian publishers on many different projects. His last personal comic book is the crowd-funded Prussians Vs Aliens, a funny steampunk story written by Davide La Rosa.

    Live performance : The wondrous adventures of two Italian cartoonists in Brussels

    Live performance by Mirka Andolfo, and Riccardo Pieruccini. Inspired by the typical ‘Comic  Battles’, two Italian artists will challenge each other in a live performance that, before audience’s very eyes, will tell the good, the bad and the ugly of their experience in Brussels at the Comic Strip Festival. Stay tuned!

    Piola Libri – Italy (FR-EN-IT)

    Italy will be all the more present this year thanks to Piolalibri – a bookstore, a wine bar, a crossroads for music, literature and cuisine, where people can enjoy veritable underground Italian culture in Brussels. The bookstore has put together a programme to help you discover the world of Italian comic books: some from the most interesting publishing houses, large and small; some major classics like Dylan Dog, Tex and the work of Milo Manara, along with such contemporary names as Zerocalcare, Gipi, Vanna Vinci and Baronciani; a meeting with the artists Mirka Andolfo and a book signing by a surprise artist from Bonelli publishers. In collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture and much more to come!

  • EPAC (École professionnelle des arts contemporains) - Switzerland (FR)

    The Brussels Comic Strip Festival is honoured this year to welcome Switzerland’s Professional School of Contemporary Art (EPAC), a private school that has become well rooted in the Swiss cultural scene since it opened 20 years ago. The school trains the illustrators, comic strip creators and game artists of tomorrow while promoting a wide view of the world through unique partnerships in Europe and Asia. Several EPAC students will present “ The Fantasy Parliament “, their cross-media project composed of a book, a web site and on-line games. This project has been commissioned by the Swiss Parliament.

  • Sterling Books (FR)

    Sterling Books, the independent English bookshop in the heart of Brussels, brings a selection of their great range of English-language comics to the festival. With acclaimed titles from the likes of Daniel Clowes, Alan Moore, Joe Sacco and Posy Simmonds, smaller alternative and indie publishers, action series like ‘The Walking Dead’ and superhero titles from DC, Marvel and more, you'll find the best and brightest that American and British comics have to offer. 

  • Hong Kong Arts Centre – China (EN)

    The Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) is a self-financed, non-profit organization which plays a unique role in engaging the community with arts, focusing on promoting contemporary arts and cultures within Hong Kong and overseas through performances, exhibitions, art education. With dedication on Comics Art, Hong Kong Arts Centre had also established an art community platform which conjoining creativity in comics and animation with revitalized historic architecture named “Comix Home Base” in 2013. Co-presented by HKAC and Les Halles, Hong Kong Arts Centre is going to present a comic dialogue between Hong Kong and Brussels featuring 12 comic artists each from both side in creating a wordless dialogues of the cultural misinterpretation of the two continents. This “Comics Dialogue” project will generate 24 pieces of comic artworks, which will then act as the “give and take” of the two cities. The full series will showcase in Comic Strip Festival. Alongside Hong Kong Arts Centre will also showing another touring exhibits named “Comix and the City” which showcasing a wide array of Comics and illustration works in which Hong Kong artists express their observations of and feelings for their home city through 3 gigantic comics books. One of the comic artists, Kong Kee, will co-create a site specific performance with the Belgian artist and participate in “A Taste of Hong Kong” which will be shown on 16-18 September at Les Halles des Schaerbeek.