Tardioli-Cauwenberghs (FR-NL-EN)

Tardioli-Cauwenberghs is a fantastic universe inspired by the Belgian comic strip world. Through the work of daring artists, Zowee Tardioli creates hand-made, limited editions of collections in an enigmatic and truculent 9th dimension deployed across an infinite number of astonishing and extraordinary creations.

At the Comic Strip Festival, they will be displaying their Swordfish from the Adventures of Blake and Mortimer and their Face to Face collection composed of a number of Belgian cartoon characters in unexpected clashes...

In addition, this year PIXI, the well-known manufacturer of metal comic statues, will expose at the same stand. They have created comic figure collections for more than 30 years. With their incredible know-how, dating back to the tin soldiers, they have amassed an amazing universe of comic collections: with more than 2.000 pieces PIXI is regarded as the biggest producer of comic statues. The 2 companies are currently developing the ship “De Kleppende Klipper” with their equipage (Bob, Bobette, Orville, Wilbur, Aunt Agatha and Knul) from the famous adventures “Bob and Bobette” from Willy Vandersteen, also known as the "Flemish Hergé”. PIXI will also expose their latest new releases at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival.

Finally, the Jeu de Bulles gallery in Brussels also will be present, with its great, specialised expertise in the works of Hergé.