The Cartoonist - Cartoon & Strip United (FR-NL)

For this year’s Comic Strip Festival, the Cartoonist has assembled a collection of press cartoons about …comic strips! Belgium is known for the quality of its comic strips but press cartoons are not far behind in terms of quality. The 22 cartoonists of The Cartoonist collective (Kamagurka, Kroll, Marec, Gal. Vadot, Karl, Zaza, Johan de Moor, Cécile Betrand, Sondron, Steve, Clou, Fritz Quirit, Ilah, Fred, Kanar, Kim, Lectrr, duBus, Joris Snaet and Cost) celebrate the comic strip and its heroes, with which they have grown up and frequently referred to in their own drawings. They obviously are enormously respectful of the work of their colleagues who have made the comic strip art of Belgium known beyond its borders.

Besides the Cartoon & Strip United exhibition, The Cartoonist opens a boutique at the Cartoon Strip Festival, with a nice range of postcards mugs, albums and prints.

Cartoon lovers may also visit Et Cetera, the temporary exhibition, free of charge, at the BELvue museum, located next door to the Palais Royal, during the Comic Strip Festival.