Alain Mathuren - FuelsEurope


Alain Mathuren - Communications Manager, FuelsEurope


Online campaign - Save More Than Fuel

“Save More Than Fuel” is an online campaign aimed at encouraging European drivers to reduce their fuel consumption – and therefore their emissions - by providing ten simple tips. It builds upon a similar initiative launched in 2008 but relies heavily on digital tools and channels. Although some social media platforms had been around for a few years – Facebook was launched in 2004, YouTube in 2005 and Twitter in 2006 – at the time they were all still in their infancy when it came to their use in public affairs.

Today’s communications and political landscape is drastically different. Digital platforms have certainly expanded into the lives of FuelsEurope’s primary target audiences - EU officials and policymakers - who have become very active and savvy online. Equally, they are being bombarded by a flood of information from interest groups who are using social media to reach members of the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Council.

To be able to cut through the clutter, we focused on the human aspect of the “Save More Than Fuel” campaign by using real actors - instead of computer generated graphics - and by incorporating a good dose of humour on our videos to be shared on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. 


FuelsEurope aims to demonstrate the commitment of the European Refining Industry to contribute to addressing the climate challenge, being responsible in the way the industry recommends the use of petroleum refined products, and inviting our customers to adopt and apply the 10 small and easy tips which, all together, can achieve a significant contribution to climate change and air quality.