Marie Dubost - EPR


Marie Dubost - Responsible for Programmes in Capacity Building and Quality Development in Social Services for the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR)


The changing landscape in non-profit social services delivery in Europe: new funding models and expectations

The way we think of European non-profits, charities and other associations working for the improvement of society is changing. European procurement directives have integrated social services as part of the wider market. In many countries in Europe, governments are encouraging the privatisation of previously public services, and encouraging non-profits to compete for the social services market provision. Meanwhile, the way we come to think of performance in charities and other non-profit initiatives is shifting. “Doing good” must involve more perspectives into the discussions. Higher performance and proven impact are the return on investment that we have come to expect. Innovation, sustainability and scaling up services are key. But are the support and funding models following this trend? In this talk, we will look at the next step in the evolution of non-profit associations, and their role in supporting their members in moving to the next stage.

  • Changing funding models for non-profits and the European Associations that support them
  • New expectations in the impact and sustainability of charitable causes and services
  • Non-profits as a growth factor for Europe: a call to action for support of the non-profit community by businesses and public authorities

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