Membership Workshop

Increasing Engagement: Member Inclusion & Participation

A diverse leaders unite to discuss ways to stimulate member’s inclusion and engagement.

The ERS is rethinking how to let their 40,000 members collaborate; BEUC is opening up their strategic planning process to their member organisations; and People to People is mobilising masses of people to volunteer. Which ideas are working? What are we learning? What’s next?

After hearing each panellists point-of-view, the moderator will ask the audience to work in pairs to isolate the top questions they face regarding, inclusion, participation and engagement. These questions will be addressed by the panel. The audience will then get to work in small groups to explore how they might put the insights into action. The session will close with a few inspired words from the audience and the panelists.

What to Expect

  • Expert panellist talking about how they engage with members
  • Audience sharing their aspirations, questions & success stories
  • Interactive dialogue modelling how engagement can happen

About the Panelists

Carine Pannetier, Director of Science and Education at ERS, involved in restructuring and engaging with 40,000 ERS members. (potentially joined by CEO & peers)

Chalks Richard Corriette, president of People to People, working with global citizens to will be an active force increasing and sustaining a more peaceful world. (potentially joined by peers)

Elisavet Sergiadou, Community Coordinator at BEUC -­ The European Consumer Organisation, rethinking how to engage with members in multi-­‐level organisation. (potentially joined by DG & peers)

Jeffer London will moderate the session. He is a catalyst for conversation, specialised in crea3ng interactive participant experiences. He is also a member of the International Association of Facilitators.