Ruth Wirtz - Osborne Clarke


Ruth Wirtz - Counsel in the Brussels corporate department - Osborne Clarke

Ruth is a Counsel in the Brussels corporate department.

Ruth is specialised in national and transnational mergers and restructurings within the not-for-profit sector.

Ruth advises not-for-profits in general corporate matters and with contractual disputes.

She also assists trade and lobbying associations, charities, hospitals, NGO’s, foundations and other national and international not-for-profit organisations, mainly from the research and healthcare sectors.

Ruth joined Osborne Clarke in June 2013 to help set up the Brussels office.

Prior to that, Ruth worked at a leading Belgian law firm for 13 years.

Ruth is a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences in the not-for-profit sector.

Ruth is an associate member of the Federation of European and International Associations established in Belgium (FAIB).


Digitalise, Legalise, Meet! What legal framework applies for digitalising your association and having virtual meetings?

“Topics that may be covered by Ruth and Helene at the participant's choice:

  • Constitution of an association, corporate housekeeping, publication formalities and requirements. What is legally possible in a digital world?
  • Permanent publicity on your association's website
  • Organising virtual General Assembly meetings and virtual Board meetings of your association (convening notice, preliminary information, decision-making process, e-voting, remote participation in the meeting, data protection).
  • The influence of virtual meetings on the nationality of your association: how is the nationality of the association affected when meetings are taking place on the World Wide Web?
  • Will digitalising your association have any tax implications? “