• Capital of the People's Republic of China
  • Surface area: 16,411 km2
  • Population: 21,150,000
  • Title and signature date of the agreement: Friendship and cooperation agreement between the Municipality of Beijing and the Brussels-Capital Region signed 22 September 1994.

Sometimes referred to as Mandarin or Imperial cuisine, Beijing's food features a range of dishes and desserts influenced by different Chinese culinary traditions. Since the climate is not suitable for rice growing, wheat, in the form of noodles or bread, is the main starchy food. Another of its key characteristics is a pronounced taste for strong-flavoured roots and vegetables such as pepper, garlic, ginger, leeks, chives and coriander.

The Beijing Ambassador at eat! Brussels: Minzu Hotel

  • To taste a dish by one of our partner regions, you will need to use tokens. One token = one dish. One dish = €9. All the dishes are offered at the same price.

    Thrusday :

    • Neifu fried prawns
    • Rou jia mo (sandwich stuffed with marinated pork)

    Friday :

    • Beef granules with okra and Chinese yam
    • Dumplings (stuffed with vegetables or pork)

    Saturday :

    • Fried preserved shrimp balls
    • Fried dumplings (stuffed with pork)

    Sunday :

    • Guizhou spicy chicken
    • Dalian-like baked wheat cake (stuffed with pork)