• Capital of Slovenia
  • Surface area : 275 km2
  • Population : 280 000
  • Title and signature date of the agreement : Agreement of Co-operation between Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium and Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, signed 28 April 2004.

Slovenia, located at the crossroads of the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonic Plain, is a rising star amongst foodies. In the past years it has attracted a growing number of culinary tourists. Slovenia’s creative chefs are constantly reinventing the country’s culinary tradition, which is amongst other things characterized  by the Balkan cuisine. Just like in the past years  Ljubljana is represented by the city’s best restaurant, i.e. Gostlina na gradu

Ambassador of Ljubljana at eat ! Brussels : Gostlina na gradu


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    Thrusday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday : : Vodnik's lamb's lettuce salad (salad whose recipe is from the first cookbook ever written in 'Kuharske bukve' (The Cookbook), published in Slovenian, Valentin Vodnik's Ljubljana in 1799. From Ljubljana's green supply chain: 100 % green and local)