Sikou Icecreams

"Sikou are healthy, simple and gourmet bio ice creams and sorbets.

The philosophy of Sikou is to manufacture organic ice creams, according to the rules in the sense of the craftsman (Sikou is certified craftsman by the Commission Artisans, 19 March 2014 L.), from simple recipes with few ingredients different and familiar to all.

The purpose is to obtain a finished product to 'high nutritional quality', digestible and rich in essential nutrients, such ferments, mineral salts and vitamins. This requires the use of raw noble materials, little or not transformed out of our workshops, and in line with what nature produces.

No powders, no food chemistry, no extracts or aromas, even if they are natural, not ersatz products and does not resort to the artificial addition of air in the ice cream.

Belgian brand, the workshops are located in Belgium. The raw milk and the raw cream (75% of the product) come from Walloon farms (south of Belgium).

Amaury and his team will be happy to receive you in their stand. An opportunity to discover Sikou's new flavors. Sikou, made with food"