• Capital of Bulgaria
  • Surface area : 180 km2
  • Population : 1,429,947
  • Title and signature date of the agreement : Cooperation agreement between the Municipality of Sofia and the Brussels-Capital Region signed 26 April 2004.

At the crossroad of many influences, Sofia's cuisine is typical of the Balkans. Mezes, grills and salads are often in evidence in generous platefuls. Bulgarian cuisine isn't limited to the famous yoghurt. It's perpetually reinventing itself. Sofia is represented by two young entrepreneurs who have reinvented the traditional Bulgarian fritter or mekitsa by presenting it with a range of sweet or savoury fillings. Their cafés are currently very fashionable among Sofia's residents.

The Sofia Ambassador at eat! Brussels: Mekitza & Café

  • To taste a dish by one of our partner regions, you will need to use tokens. One token = one dish. One dish = €9. All the dishes are offered at the same price.

    Mekitsa is a traditional bulgarian dish made of fried dough. It can be garnished with sweet or savory traditional products like white cheese, jam and honey. All ingredients were produced in Bulgarian local farms. The mekitsa is fried in sunflower oil. There will be 4 mekitsas in every dish. Every day we will offer one dish with sweet mekitsas and a second dish with savoury mekitsas.

    Thrusday :

    • Mekitsas with cream cheese and prosciutto (4 pieces)
    • Mekitsas with rosehip jam (2 pieces) and and mekitsas with powder sugar  (2 pieces)

    Friday :

    • Mekitsas with traditional bulgarian white cow cheese (2 pieces) and mekitsas with lyutenitsa - traditional bulgarian tomato spread (2 pieces)
    • Mekitsas with honey and walnuts (2 pieces) and mekitsas with powder sugar (2 pieces)

    Saturday :

    • Mekitsas with rhodope spread (a mix of cheese, garlic and spices)  (2 pieces) and 2 mekitsas with lyutivka  (traditional bulgarian spicy paprika spread)  (2 pieces)
    • Mekitsas with strawberry jam  (2 pieces) and mekitsas with powder sugar  (2 pieces)

    Sunday :

    • Mekitsas with lukanka (bulgarian type of salami) and mekitsas with traditional bulgarian cow cheese  (2 pieces)
    • Mekitsas with blueberry jam  (2 pieces) and mekitsas with powder sugar  (2 pieces)