Szechuan Province

  • Central-western province of the People's Republic of China
  • Capital: Chengdu
  • Surface area: 487,630 km2
  • Population: 81,100,000
  • Title and signature date of the agreement: Cooperation agreement between Szechuan Province and the Brussels-Capital Region signed 9 November 2010, replacing the previous agreement dating from 13 April 1995.

Szechuan cuisine is famous for its hot and spicy dishes.  The famous Szechuan pepper is a plant with a spicy, numbing and almost lemony flavour. While it is ever present in local cuisine, it is the red chillies, imported from America, that give this cuisine its spicy emphasis.  A local saying goes, "In Szechuan cuisine each dish has its own style, a hundred dishes have a hundred different flavours."

Szechuan Ambassador at eat! Brussels: Daronghe Restaurant

  • To taste a dish by one of our partner regions, you will need to use tokens. One token = one dish. One dish = €9. All the dishes are offered at the same price.

    Thrusday :

    • Kongbao chicken  (spicy chicken with chili peppers  and Szechuan pepper)  
    • Beef dices with minced celery (spicy or no-spicy) 

    Friday :

    • Eggplant fitters in fish-flavor sauce  
    • Mapo tofu  (spicy tofu with chili peppers  and Szechuan pepper)

    Saturday :

    • Sliced chicken with chili Sauce    
    • Braised spareribs in sweet-and-sour sauce  

    Sunday :

    • Stewed beef with potatoes  
    • Dandan noodles (with pork and  upper mustard stems)