Groups of minimum 15 people enjoy group prices of €3 per person. The visit is unaccompanied (no guided tours), though we are at your disposal for a word of introduction and to answer any of your questions. For a quality welcome*, don’t forget to book in advance!

Pedagogical groups (adult training courses, language learners, etc.) are considered like school groups and enjoy the beneficial rate of €1 per person, activity included. For levels, A1 and A2, we can adapt our Brussels Pursuit game for primary schools. This enriching game is sure to grip your students. From level B1, opt for the eB! Quiz, which favours a more autonomous approach as you search for a more specific piece of information by alternating between questions and challenges.
These two activities are available in French, Dutch and English.

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*access to the exhibition is only guaranteed to groups that have booked in advance.