What? MIXITY 183 is an art exhibit that will travel around Brussels throughout the summer of 2017. Making stops at different iconic sites in the capital, MIXITY 183 will be a friendly, interactive meeting place, a photo exhibition, and an augmented reality experience all rolled into one.

The concept of temporary themed "pop-up stores" is already well known. In the same way MIXITY 183 will be a "pop-up museum." A temporary cultural site themed on diversity. A loud and clear way to express that we are proud Brussels is such a diverse city: in cultural, linguistic, sexual, generational, social, etc. terms.

Built from a recycled container, the MIXITY 183 exhibit is visible from afar thanks to its wooden trim and shrouds. Once inside, the visitor will discover a portrait gallery (by photographer Olivier Cornil), which represents a human-scale point of view, subjective by its very nature, of Brussels' diversity. Using this photos, the visitor may then, via a downloadable mobile app, enjoy an immersive augmented reality experience seasoned with 3D graphical "air drawing" creations from illustrator and artist Pauline de Chalendar, and heightened by the sonorous stylings of musician Daniel Offerman (Girls in Hawaii, Hallo Kosmo).

When?  Summer and Autumn 2017