• 1. Association des journalistes professionnels (AJP) – Expertalia :

    Expertalia (www.expertalia.be) is a digital database listing professional women as well as professionals (men and women) from diverse backgrounds. It's a tool intended for journalists.

    Expertalia.be ’s goal is to make other people visible in the media landscape and to promote further equality of gender and ethnic and cultural backgrounds in media coverage.

    Site: http://www.expertalia.be

  • 2. Badje, Bruxelles Accueil et Développement pour la Jeunesse et l’Enfance - Bruxelles-Intégration :

    Badje, through various modes of action combined in a project called Brussels-Integration, develops inclusion opportunities for disabled children within extracurricular and recreational organisations frequented by able-bodied children: vacation camps and trips, sport clubs, creative workshops, etc.

    Site: http://www.badje.be

  • 3. Cultureghem - Cultureghem Cultivating Urban Space :

    Cureghem has no fewer than 170 different nationalities. Diversity, hyper-diversity, super-diversity: these are labels we consider 'normal'. We choose to connect people through their daily needs, without regard to origin or cultural background: playing and eating. Our originality is our simplicity. The past few years, our place of business, which is not too far from the Grand Place, was endlessly branded a NO GO ZONE. We turned this around, and together with NV Abattoir - but also with the neighbourhood itself – it has now become a MUST GO ZONE.

    Site: http://www.cultureghem.be

  • 4. JES - BXL Open View:

    BXL Open View is an online media channel that aims to offer a view of life in our big city in ways that broaden the mind, doing so by shining a spotlight on various stories by young people in the city: different keys that interact thanks to a mosaic narrative that breathes “Brussels”. In this project, we actively partner with other organisations and offer young people support in creating a personal audio-visual story.

    Site: http://www.bxlopenview.be

  • 5. Met-X - Remork & Karkaba:

    Remork and Karkaba is a unique fanfare 'with a twist', bringing together two learning projects organised by MET-X: the brass ensemble Remork, which consists of amateur musicians (all skill levels, all ages) and the percussion group Karkaba, focusing on young people of Moroccan descent who are interested in Gnawa rhythms, song and dance. Through bi-weekly rehearsals and a weekend spent on location, under the guidance of various guest teachers, they create a unique and original body of work which has been highly acclaimed by many different groups. The past few years, Remork & Karkaba have played around 20 concerts a year, at some very different venues.

    Site: http://www.met-x.be


  • 6. Muziekpublique asbl - Muziekpublique, glocal music for glocal people:

    Muziekpublique aims to represent, promote, and preserve the traditional world music and dance present in Brussels from all cultures with a goal of fostering interactions between audiences and artists. Musicians from Brussels are at the heart of our work. To achieve this goal, Muziekpublique rests on three pillars in constant interaction:

    - organising concerts and festivals (100/year)

    - world music academy (40 weekly courses)

    - CD label (8 CDs published and marketed internationally)

    Site: http://www.muziekpublique.be


  • 7. RainbowHouse Brussels - All Genders Welcome:

    RainbowHouse has been working alongside All Genders Welcome to raise awareness and inform both public and private sector organisations.  The projects seek to make it easier to discuss sexual and gender diversity both within and outside the organisations in a positive and often playful manner, and work towards a positive approach to diversity in general. The campaign is customised and developed interactively, leading to a lot of involvement and recognition.

    Site: http://www.rainbowhouse.be

  • 8. Solentra – PACCT:

    Solentra is actively working on reducing the barriers to mental health care for people with a migration background and refugees. With our unique PACCT-method (Psychiatry Assisting the Culturally diverse Community in creating healing Ties) we empower minorities (e.g. by helping them process trauma) and improve chances of integration while strengthening mutual respect and comprehension between diverse communities.

    Site: http://www.solentra.be

  • 9. Toestand - Allee Du Kaai:

    Allee Du Kaai is the temporary use of empty warehouses along the Materialenkaai in Brussels. The project's goal is to make people aware of the location and anticipate the creation of a park. The temporary use is coordinated by Toestand vzw, which sees this as an opportunity to bring people together who would otherwise not normally collaborate. The project houses young people, old people, people with a psychiatric background, hippies, the undocumented, artists and entrepreneurs.

    Site: http://www.toestand.be


  • 10. Tremplins - Festival Bruxelles Babel :

    Since 1985 non-profit organisation Tremplins has put on a festival of artistic expression called Brussels Babel Festival with the assistance of young people from different neighbourhoods in the Brussels region. This festival is the result of multidisciplinary workshops held throughout the school year at various associations and schools. Equality of opportunity, living better together and engagement with diversity are at the core of the project's priorities.

    Site: http://www.tremplins.be


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