Tram Experience, a unique journey into the world of gastronomy

How do you fancy boarding a tram that has been fully decked out as a modern gourmet restaurant? Aboard you will be served a six- or seven-course meal put together by top Belgian chefs, whilst you tour the most beautiful places of Brussels by night for two hours.

  • " Belgian cuisine "

    Contemporary cuisine is today based on the concept of terroir and on local identity. And if Brussels has an immensely rich culinary diversity originating from the four corners of the world, the Brussels region also has a culinary heritage of its own, which is simply outstanding.

    For the fifth season running, the Tram Experience has asked a series of prestigious Belgian chefs to reinterpret in their own manner the timelessness of Belgian’s national cuisine.

    Foodies will be able to enjoy the entirely Belgian gastronomic menus created by Lionel Rigolet** (Comme Chez Soi), Karen Torosyan (Bozar Brasserie), Bart De Pooter ** (Pastorale), Isabelle Arpin * (WY) and Damien Bouchery (Bouchéry).

    To spice things up even more, the Tram Experience has also invited several foreign chefs based in Belgium to provide their own quirky or iconoclastic interpretation of this timeless fare. The Sicilian Giovanni Bruno* (Senzanome), the Californian Alex Joseph (Rouge Tomate) and Iceland’s Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson (Souvenir) will complete the lineup.

    Our own expert, chef Denis Roberti, creates the menus and puts on the finishing touches while on board, according to the instructions of the chef who designed the menu.

    During the week and on Sundays, the “Tram” menu of six services is on offer (three appetizers, one starter, one main course, one desert), while on Fridays and Saturdays, the “Experience” menu with seven services (with an additional starter) is on offer, and will be served during longer journeys across Brussels.

    The Tram experience still enjoys the exceptional patronage of chef Lionel Rigolet**, who brings the thoroughness and expertise of a chef at the head of one of our most prestigious culinary institutions: the Comme chez Soi.


    All aboard!