A new tool is born: Brussels must-have meeting guide goes virtual

Brussels, the European Capital, welcomes about 60,000 meetings a year. As such, it has one of the biggest concentrations of meetings in the World. (11th town in ICCA ranking, 2nd for UIA).

To help you make a choice among the vast array of venues (conference hotels, conference centres, historical venues...) a powerful and user friendly tool is vital.

Year after year, visit.brussels condenses its venue finding experience into “LET’S MEET IN BRUSSELS”: a comprehensive catalogue that makes your life easier.

This year for the first time, “LET’S MEET IN BRUSSELS” will be available in 3 formats:

“LET’S MEET” | Tablet version (iPad)
Available from the App Store, also for offline use

“LET’S MEET” | Tablet version (Android)
Available from Google play, also for offline use

“LET’S MEET” | Desktop version
Runs on your computer with an internet connection

“LET’S MEET” | Paper version
The paper catalogue you already know

NEW for the virtual versions

  • Browse by meeting size, area and hotel classification
  • Shortlisted venues appear on a detailed map of Brussels
  • Find a clear info sheet of every venue with pictures and videos
  • Read the Agenda of major events in town
  • Find suppliers, such as translators, transportation, DMC, PCO agencies etc…
  • Share these contents by e-mail