Re-opening of the mythical « La Madeleine »

Re-opening of the mythical  « La Madeleine  »

Located in the heart of Brussels (250 m from the famous Grand Place/Town Hall), La Madeleine is a medium-sized concert hall with a rich history and a strong personality.

Would you like to build your exclusive evening event around one of their shows ?

Or how about hiring La Madeleine for a private occasion?

The layout of the modular hall (250 to 1,050 people) and private rooms can be arranged to suit every need.

The charm, architecture, acoustics and warm welcome of this quirky hall with its long history make it one of a kind.

There is no doubt that La Madeleine has a great many endearing features, including its unique design, with its double flight of metal staircases surrounding a small stage, and a long corridor running all around the room.

Designed to be modular, the venue allow concerts as well as any type of show, presentation, cocktail, dinner or event.

La Madeleine was the first covered market in Brussels, built in 1847 on the plans of the architect J-P Cluysenaar and inaugurated in 1848.

It was also one of Brussels’ first large metal constructions.

The Madeleine market was destroyed in 1957 and gave way to the festival hall of the City of Brussels. The cut stone façade, whose elevation is inspired by the Loggia dei Lanzi in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, was kept as the front of a new building.

For fifty years, the hall welcomed a host of festive and cultural events of all kinds. The venue is also known to the public for its receptions. It is notably where, for a long time, the city’s officials would gather for their annual New Year’s dance party, the “Bal des Fonctionnaires”.

After being operated for several years by the Casino of Brussels, the City of Brussels has officially entrusted the management of La Madeleine to Brussels Expo.

This modular venue is fully equipped (sound/light).

La Madeleine XL can accommodate 630 seats to 1,050 standing places (400 for a banquet)

La Madeleine Lounge  can accommodate 250 persons in theatre style and 450 standing (200 for a banquet)

For more info, please contact :

La Madeleine
Rue Duquesnoy-straat 14 - 1000 Brussels