Nouvelle Présidence pour UIA, ESAE and FAIB

Nouvelle Présidence pour UIA, ESAE and FAIB

Three Brussels based key organisations for the international associations community have just changed their chairmanship, naming experienced professional to lead...

The Federation of International and European Associations in Belgium (FAIB) has appointed Mr. Adrian Harris, director of Orgalime and FAIB Vice-President. The Vice-Presidents have also been designated in the persons of Ms. Florence Bindelle from European Issuers and Mr. Fabrice Tatankia from Cefic.

Ms. Florence Bindelle has also just been appointed President of the European Society of Association Executives at the annual meeting of the organisation.

Finally, the Union of International Associations (UIA) has appointed Mr. Cyril Ritchie as new President of the organization. Mr. Ritchie has served as Vice-President in the last years and shall take over its duties from Ms. Anne-Marie Boutin. congratulates all new Presidents and wishes a successful mandate.

FAIB new presidency team

A new presidency team has been chosen by the FAIB General Assembly held in June.  Gathering a lot of experience in the international associations field and Brussels activities the new trio shall coordinate the different aspects dealt by the organisation.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Harris declared: “my aim is simple – to help FAIB to achieve its core aim which is to support the very diverse community of international associations and their staff - industrial, banking, NGO and professional, for our common issues as organisations working in Belgium.

The two Vice-Presidents have also been appointed at the same time. Ms. Florence Bindelle, Secretary General of Europeanissuers, said “As a woman, I am very pleased to have been elected Vice President of FAIB. My goal is to assist the President and the Board provide pertinent services to our members. I will also promote FAIB with major stakeholders in Belgium and abroad, by developing new communication tools”.

The representation aspect has also been highlighted by Mr. Fabrice Tabankia, Executive Director Finance and Administration of CEFIC, who declared that “FAIB will continue to represent the international associations in Belgium by strengthening its advocacy activities and by developing further added-value services for its members

Mr. Daniel Van Espen, outgoing President of FAIB, will remain in the organisation’s Board.

Founded in 1949, the FAIB  represents European and International Associations established in Belgium, as well as facilitates their daily activities through information, assistance and events.