Fen & the Judkins Band - Live at La Machine

13/12/2017 - 13/12/2017


.fen & The Judkins Band, a group of Belgian musicians performs Stevie's greatest hits from the '70s, '80s and after..fen, the lead singer is an experimented performer. His ability to sing Stevie Wonder with style but in his own way, gives Judkins a totally authentic sound enhanced by a groovy drummer, and a great set of keyboards, guitarist, brass and background vocal arrangements.The band was formed early but promises to be the Best Stevie Wonder Tribute ever...

Ahmed Fenidek (.fen) as Stevie Wonder
David Demuynck à la batterie
Arthur Probst à la basse
JF Herstens aux claviers
Mickey Boccar aux claviers
Thierry Bantuelle au sax ténor, flûte et guitare électrique
Obi-Wan Grégori à la trompette
Luc Jaivenois à la trompette

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