Greg Faravel Trio - Live at La Machine

03/12/2017 - 03/12/2017

Jeroen Van Herzeele : Sax
Greg Faravel Drums: (+Piano &Voice)
Nicolas Thys: Double bass

'87/'88: Jazz Studio in Antwerp with jan De Haas as drumming instructor.
'88/'89: summer workshop of Lundis d'Hortence with Bruno Castellucci.
'89/'93: Brussels Conservatoir Royal, jazz section, with Bruno Castellucci.

By the end of the '80 Greg Faravel performs with some groups, and accompanied his mother, Una Balfe (concert en avant première of Vaya Con Dios at Théâtre 140). Later on he plays in different clubs and bars around the country with jazz formations (in quartet with Serge Dacosse, Rony Venta and Fred Vercheval), Brazilian music (Gloria Canella) and rock with les Passengers (singer: Diako Diakoff. Guitarist: Jack Roskam, ex Machiavel).

Greg Faravel plays with the band Colourcity.

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