NEW PROJECT : Basile Rahola - Jazz Jam Session after


16/11/2021 - 16/11/2021

NEW PROJECT : Basile Rahola  - Jazz Jam Session after

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Double bassist Basile Rahola, recently arrived in Belgium, decides to build his
new quartet with 3 outstanding musicians from the Belgian jazz scene.
Pierre Hurty, French eclectic drummer, Julien Cuvelier, a very active young Belgian saxophonist, and his musical brother of
always, Wajdi Riahi, Tunisian pianist very creative both on the Belgian and Tunisian scene, with which he also plays in his trio (Baz Trio).
Basile created a whole new repertoire for this project, drawing on a lot of feelings recently lived, both from a personal and human point of view. This quartet offers a jazz pushing the dynamics, giving a huge importance to nuances, from pianissimo to fortissimo, always with the sincerity and spontaneity of the speech as the main musical subject.
They have just recorded their first album for the prestigious label FreshSound New Talent, in May 2021, and are now focused on the presentation of the project live, in Belgium and international.


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