Pablo Murgier( Argentina)- Piano solo


12/12/2018 - 12/12/2018

Pablo Murgier( Argentina)- Piano solo

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The Argentine pianist presents his solo piano work. Pablo has participated in various musical projects, which have led in particuliar to actual recordings around the interfases of Tango, the Latin-American folk, Jazz fusion and Chamber music: Sergio Poli Ensamble Eléctrico (album "Canícula Metrópolis", a live DVD at the Teatro Argentino, and “Luna de Hielo"), Cuarteto Biraben (album "El lago"), Cacho Castaña (live in the Gran Rex), Cinemática (album "Entre los edificios") and Los Milonguitas (album "Los Milonguitas").
As a soloist he has given concerts of both academic and popular music in numerous theaters and institutions. He has worked as a pianist for Cacho Castaña since 2011, and has collaborated with various orchestras and ensembles, such as the Orquesta de cuerdas MusArt (Chile), Tango Diagonales, Duo Luna-Tobaldi, Adriana Varela, Esquina Carlos Gardel, and Cristina Vilallonga (Gotan Project). Pablo has performed in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and several European countries. Also, he has worked in musical production and arrangement elaboration, including for symphonical orchestra adaptations.
In 2016 he started his own project, the Sexteto Murgier, in which he is both composer and pianist. The group won in 2017 the First World of Tango Orchestras award at the International Tango Meeting for Musicians in Buenos Aires (Tango Sin Fin Awards). His album MUY LEJOS was nominated for the prestigious Gardel Awards

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