27/10/2020 - 27/10/2020

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Nazanin Fakoor sought for the creation of Rainbow inspiration in 'The Conference of the Birds', a literary masterpiece by the Persian mystic poet Farid ud-Din Attar. In Attar’s story, thousands of birds search for Simorgh, the mythical bird that symbolizes the truth. After many hardships on their journey, only 30 birds reach the end of their quest. Only then do they realize that they themselves are the Si (thirty) morgh (birds).

This beautiful poetry provides the basis for the libretto of Rainbow written by the Iranian composer Aftab Darvishi for the Swara Ensemble. The immersive installation – literally – reflects our differences and multiple identities. In this way, Fakoor reflects on the myth of a clear-cut national identity and the celebration of difference.
Rainbow is a project that questions identity and its multiple facets. Comparable to rainbows, formed by the reflection and dispersion of sunlight, we all are the result of an infinity of reflections of the encounters that accumulate throughout history. Our identity is plural, but we are constantly confronted with a simplifying categorization.

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