Snug Harbor: Nadine Pinede and Taymour Soomro


21/03/2019 - 21/03/2019

Snug Harbor: Nadine Pinede and Taymour Soomro

Le contenu n'étant pas disponible en Français, nous l'affichons dans une autre langue.

Brussels is a place of arrival. People pour in from everywhere, with all
kind of stories. Brussels is that surreal place where no one belongs, which
means everyone belongs. 

Wherever you're from, whatever your mother tongue, whether you're here for
a decade or a day - come on in. The harbor has no closing time. Only during
the readings do the doors close for a moment. Nadine Pinede and Taymour
Soomro will each talk about their latest work and what inspired them. Sit
back and enjoy because there is nothing more magical than sharing
stories in intimacy. 

Snug Harbor, created by Sofie Verraest, is a place of encounter and
enjoyment for anyone with a heart for the written word and the city they
live in. 

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