"String Trio", Violin, Guitar, Bass


10/11/2021 - 10/11/2021

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Andrew Bolton and Guillaume Gillain are two lead singers who are now inseparable.
Both comping & singing in The Morning Call Jazz Band, they also play in duet, and share thier passion for jazz standards.
For the occasion they invited the virtuous violin player Alexandre Tripodi to embellish and explore a sweet & dynamic set of strings.
With a guitar, an upright bass, their two voices, and a violin they give a nice and powerful set recisiting jazz standards from early to modern pieces and also their own compositions too.
Among the blend of their voices, they are also great soloists, their strings fit together perfectly and their rage of keeping the drive of swing makes them a very tight rhytmic section.
Come listen how those rocky fellows share their passion with an astonishing live trio.

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