Zodiak x The Underground: Ode Maen, Lucas Caroso, Latence


15/12/2018 - 15/12/2018

▼ MAIN ROOM: The Underground

The Underground is a brand new tech-house and Techno concept from Brussels, hosted by techno DJ Lola Jones.

Ode Maen
He started exploring and digging into an unknown musical world as a juvenile. He brings an organic minimal techno vibe with the main purpose of movement and energy. He always builds up his sound with a skeleton of drums and loves to explore all the “out of this world” syntheses. As dj set up he delivers the highest industry standard with more LIVE aspects as everything is build around a 4 deck Traktor Main Mix + Analog FX Routings and a Hybrid (Ableton integrated) set up.All this perfomered on the infamous 6 decks Model 1 wich essentially puts all his audio material together.

Lucas Caroso (Microzoo, Circo Inferno)
His sophisticated, technically impeccable and most of all full-blown dark, driving techno sets make him a must for any self-respecting dance party. However, don’t expect your average monotone techno beats, his passion for the genre guarantees a refined diversity comprising every possible outskirt of techno music, being both groovy as hypnotic.
The future is looking bright with the uprising fame of his own Mikrozoo parties and confirmed residencies at Circo Inferno and Bang The Box. Lucas will be relocating permanently to Brussels where he will be able to put all of his focus on music and take his exposure to the next step.

After years of hard work Anna Kail was able to create her own style, that you could describe as a melodic but dark techno sound full of energy and emotion. Last years she stood behind the decks at amazing venues as Zoo Project (IBZ) Destino (IBZ) and played for parties as Sonntag, Techno Kingdom (NL), Flashback from Marco Bailey and Dany Rodriguez and many more. She loves to travel and connect with people all over the world. And that’s what she loves the most about music, how it connects people! Her goal for the future is to grow as an artist, with deejaying and also producing her own music. This is only just the beginning and she's more than motivated to continue her journey!

Lola Jones
Lola Jones is a Brussels based dj. Growing up in a mixed african – european family, music and dancing played an important role in her live. At the age of 16 she discovered Brussels techno temple Fuse and so her love for techno music grew more and more.

Looking up to deejays like Richie Hawtin, Len Faki, Pan-Pot and many more, she found a way to express herself through electronical music. Flirting between the several sub genres in techno she builds up a lot of energy and intensity in her sets. You should keep an eye on this one because this is only her first chapter.

TOP FLOOR: All night long

Understated but not to be underestimated, Pablo is making music since more than 10 years, producing under several aliases, he is now focusing on Latence.

As a teen Pablo was submerged in the massive party scene emerging from Belgium in the early to mid 90's. Completely absorbed by the impressive momentum surrounding him, he started buying his first tunes, looking for a balance between the tracks that were popular in the scene and the sounds he heard in his head.
His immaculate capability of cherrypicking the best of the past and the creme de la creme of new cutting edge electronic music made him quickly noticed in the Brussels underground scene.

Throughout releases on Play Label Records and Taub Recordings, Pablo has consistently build his arsenal of synths and drum machines in his studio.
His sound is made up by raw techno drums, harsh analogue hats, brimming with sweet flowing melodies and chords, that continue to re-define genres. His journey has just begun so keep an eye on him!

ENTRANCE : 7 € < 1 AM < 10 €
10 Kaasmarkt 1000 Brussels

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