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Destrée Organisation Destrée Organisation Destrée Organisation Destrée Organisation Destrée Organisation

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Active since Brussels Expo 1958, Destrée Organisation offers over 60 years of excellence in the meetings and events industry and participate actively in different COVID-19 think tanks in order to develop operational guide and methodology for safe meetings and events.

Based on continuous development and a true service minded, creative and results driven team, we help you make a success of your event, convention, general assembly, high-level institutional gathering, virtual or hybrid meeting … your event is all about LIVE COMMUNICATION.

The success of a project relies on guidance and support throughout the process. From the concept stage to the financial management, from the suppliers’ management to the look and feel of the event. Destrée Organisation has always been at the forefront of the evolution in the sector using innovative tools and methodologies.

Looking forward to welcome you again in 2021 !

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