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The Solvay Library is located in Leopold Park in the heart of the European district. Here is a magnificent venue created by the vision of one man, Ernest Solvay. The idea was then conceptualised by the renowned Brussels architects Constant Bosmans and Henri Vandeveld. They drew up the plans and carried out the construction work in 1902. It was here, in this ancient Institute of Sociology, where scientists from around the world came together to share their thoughts and ideas. In this science park, Einstein, Bohr and other Nobel Prize scientists gathered for the famous Solvay Conferences. No wonder the venue resonates with brilliant minds! In the 1980’s, the building was abandoned and fell into ruin. Thankfully, after being listed historical monument in 1986, it was saved and fully renovated by the Region and Citydev.brussels in 1994. Today, in this elegant library with its diverse and complex style worthy of a novel, Edificio can host private and professional events from 50 to 250 guests. Specialised in the operation and preservation of historical heritage buildings, Edificio enables you to create unique events in prestigious venues. Let our team guide you through the whole process. Specialised, reactive and closely-knit, our multilingual team will build your event with you – the way you want it – with advice, floral decoration, a variety of catering concepts, sound systems, entertainment and branding. Your Event Coordinator will work closely with you, from the first contact until your last guest has left.

Surface Hauteur Théâtre Ecole Cocktail Banquet Interprètes
Conferences Facilities
Lower floor Seminar room & Rotunda 248 0.0 0 0 250 160
Ground floor Reading room 187 14.85 180 84 250 150
Lower floor Rotunda 162 3.0 0 0 150 100
Lower floor Seminar room 86 2.8 80 0 100 60
Terrace 78 0.0 0 0 80 0
Two mezzanines 0 0.0 0 0 160 90
Mezzanine East 0 0.0 50 0 80 45
Mezzanine West 0 0.0 50 0 80 45
Surface (pied) Surface (mètres) Hauteur Portes
Exhibitions Facilities Largeur Hauteur

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