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Concert Noble is located in the heart of the European district. Imagine those balls choreographed with elegance and fluidity under an enormous chandelier, with their chassé-croisé dances and swirling waltzes. In tandem with those sumptuous balls, Concert Noble also hosted concerts, recitals and theatrical pieces. The King Leopold II assigned the mission to architect Henri Beyaert, who expressed all his great architectural talent. He created a suite of rooms arranged in a crescendo concept – larger and brighter the further you enter, up to an apotheosis: the impressive 400m² Ballroom with its 15m high ceilings. The Concert Noble opened its doors with pomp in 1873. Concert Noble was the centre of culture and fashionable life. Amongst its guests were King Baudouin, the Shah of Iran, Lord Mountbatten, Monseigneur Forni and the Dalai-Lama. A venue dedicated to very special meetings! Concert Noble hosts receptions for up to 750 guests and seated dinners for up to 550 in the magestic rooms and Ballroom. Specialised in the operation and preservation of historical heritage buildings, Edificio enables you to create unique events in prestigious venues. Let our team guide you through the whole process. Specialised, reactive and closely-knit, our multilingual team will build your event with you – the way you want it – with advice, floral decoration, a variety of catering concepts, sound systems, entertainment and branding. Your Event Coordinator will work closely with you, from the first contact until your last guest has left.

Surface Hauteur Théâtre Ecole Cocktail Banquet Interprètes
Conferences Facilities
Ballroom + Banqueting Room 580 15.0 630 260 750 550
Ballroom 400 15.0 450 180 600 420
Banqueting Room 180 9.0 180 80 200 150 3
Antichamber 50 8.0 30 20 50 30
Card room 45 5.0 30 20 45 30
Surface (pied) Surface (mètres) Hauteur Portes
Exhibitions Facilities Largeur Hauteur

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