Sett club

Sett club Sett club Sett club Sett club Sett club

The adjectives to describe a memorable evening are inadequate to sum up the atmosphere at Sett - Where Nights Come Alive.


Located at Tour & Taxis, Sett invites you to a quiet place, easy to reach, far from the usual city center, thus avoiding traffic jams and endless searches parking. It's infrastructure is well thought out and the vast building's exceptional architecture welcomes you in a unique space for quality evenings while maintaining a selected clientele.


If you were disappointed by events where it was impossible to enjoy the music beat, either too strong or otherwise virtually absent. Sett takes responsibility to marvel you in the fine sound quality and its selection of DJ's.


Indeed, our residential DJ's were chosen among the best in Belgium, but we go even further by offering and inviting international guests and unprecedented artists. If you are still not convinced, theme evenings and concepts such as the memorable Next Level, the mad Buddha Circus, the retro Disco Moustache, the long awaited comeback of the RedCup Party, Feelin' Deep & House Nation proposed at Sett, are promised to eventually dazzle you with their distinctive atmosphere. Are you Sett?


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