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Triumph Group International - ‘The Emotion Holder’ - is an international system of companies focused on events and communication. We are a growing group with more than 30 years of creativity, innovation and attention to people.

Triumph Group has offices in Italy (Rome & Milan), Belgium (Brussels), United Kingdom (London), China (Shanghai) and Malta (La Valletta). We are also present in the USA (New York), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin), Qatar (Doha) and Indonesia (Jakarta) through partnerships with more than 150 employees.

Our core business is the organization of corporate and governmental conferences and international congresses in Europe and all over the world. Our clients range from national and international associations to governmental organizations, corporate and private companies such as banks or automotive companies.

Our services:
• Association Management
• Event Design and Management
• Sponsorship and Exhibition Management
• Press and Media Coverage/Management
• Website Design and Maintenance
• Budget and finance Management
• Marketing, Communication and Promotion Service
• Accommodation and Catering Support
• Strategic Advice
• Medical and pharmaceutical congresses

Brussels office: contact