Find a local meal

Find a local meal


Meet with Brussels locals over a meal at home

With Meetsies you can find home dinners all over Brussels, and go to meet other people around a cozy meal. This is a good way to meet people who live in Brussels, learn some tips about life in the city, and discover other culinary traditions. Meetsies is a bit more than a 'table d'hôtes'. It is the place to go for people who like to discuss and are open minded, and people who prefer to eat with others than eat alone.

On the website you can find about upcoming events. You have to book at least a few hours in advance so your host has time to prepare the food.



Thanks to Bookalokal, finding an authentic, local meal wherever you are, has never been easier. Given the importance of food in Belgium, it’s no surprise this start-up for globe-trotting foodies launched in Brussels first.

Think of Bookalokal ( ) as airbnb for food. The website helps guests connect with hosts over home-cooked meals, food tours and cooking classes. Meals generally cost the same or less than they would in a restaurant, and often include multiple courses and wine, beer or other beverages. Guests range from travelers passing through town to expats and local people who share a passion for food. Hosts range from people who just love to cook, to retired and aspiring chefs who like to experiment with new and old recipes.

“More and more, people look for authentic experiences when they land in a new city. They don’t only want to visit restaurants out of a guide book. They want to connect with locals and find out what it’s really like to live somewhere,” says Bookalokal founder and CEO, Evelyne White. “Now there’s an easy way to make those connections. In a town like Brussels with so many visitors and expats arriving every day, what better way to learn about a city than to mingle with people who already live there?”

One of Bookalokal’s unique features is its user profiles, which allow guests to learn about their host prior to booking a meal. Prospective guests can not only read through a detailed menu, but can also see a picture of their host and learn about his or her background, including the languages they speak, hobbies, interests, and cooking experience. Another feature is their verification system, whereby a representative from Bookalokal meets with hosts to sample their cooking and photograph their space. To find hosts who have gone through this verification procedure, look for a "Verified" seal on their profile.

Bookalokal started in Brussels in 2012. With hosts in over 20 countries already, Evelyne's vision is for the site to grow into a global network of people who share a love for food and authenticity. While hosts mainly provide meals, some offer additional services such as lodging, tours and even yoga classes and photo shoots - all accompanied with food of course!