And the winners of the Awards are …

And the winners of the Awards are …

A panel of tourist industry professionals joined forces with voters from the general public to recognise projects at various levels and in different areas that have helped the Region shine in 2015. Two Honorary Awards were also offered to STIB and Brussels Airport staff, respectively, to pay tribute to the courage and the composure they displayed during the events of March 22nd.’ President Laurette Onkelinx: “On March 22nd,  Brussels suffered one of the worst tragedies in its modern history.  The capital of Europe was struck in its heart, and the whole world was in mourning.  But we will not concede any victory, not even a symbolic one, to the murderous enemies of progress and togetherness.  We are proud of who we are, proud of the multiculturalism that enriches our society and is the very embodiment of Brussels.  We must take all measures necessary to ensure the absolute safety of tourists in order to guarantee that conference organisers can travel to our destination with confidence.  This ceremony allows us to honour the many players and exciting original projects that contribute to the vibrant tourist and cultural sectors in Brussels.”

These initiatives were honoured at BEL, on the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels at the Awards & Networking Night. After the public had chosen the three finalists for each category from among the 74 projects, it was up to the panel of Brussels tourist industry professionals to choose the winner of each of the nine prizes at the Awards.

 And the nine winners of the 2016 Awards are:

  • NEW CONCEPT 2015 : Laboratoire mobile « restauration de sarcophages »
     / Mobiel laboratorium « restauratie van sarcofagen »
  • EVENING EXPERIENCE 2015 : 50 hours of Beurssc50uwburg
  • MOST NOTED EXHIBITION 2015 : Lascaux - La Chapelle Sixtine de la Préhistoire
    / De Sixtijnse kapel van de prehistorie
  • INTERNATIONAL EVENT 2015 : Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2015
  • BEST GASTRONOMIC CONCEPT 2015 : Brussels Beer Project
  • HOTEL NEWCOMER 2015: Train Hostel
  • INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS & FAIR 2015: Expo-sciences International 2015
  • PUBLIC INITIATIVE 2015: I Shop on Sundays

The two Honorary Awards

The staff of the STIB and Brussels Airport, direct victims of the March 22nd attacks were given Honorary Awards by  “We are proud of these women and men who kept their composure in the Brussels Metro and at Zaventem Airport.  Tonight we honour their physical courage and moral fortitude.  Quite simply, we offer them our thanks,” said Laurette Onkelinx, who also hailed the extraordinary courage displayed by all public agencies.


The Awards