Be Magritte: surrealist walks

Be Magritte: surrealist walks

Brussels was and is the capital of surrealism: the city is bursting with the favourite spots and cafes of René Magritte and his friends; anecdotes and references; and no less than two museums dedicated to Magritte. It is, therefore, easy to get lost in the worlds and lives of these famous surrealist artists in the capital. Thankfully we have compiled a route that includes all sorts of things about Magritte’s life and there are also guided walks and bike rides that combine all the most important spots and all the best facts narrated and explained by an expert.

The following organisations offer Magritte and surrealism-themed tours:

  • Itinéraires: This is not a realist itinerary: Magritte, Delvaux and others - surrealism in Brussels

  • What did Magritte really mean when he painted the famous words “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (This is not a pipe) on his canvas? To better understand Belgian surrealism, we will explore the places that the Belgian surrealists frequented, painted, lived in... We will also tell you why our capital is considered surreal!

    Possibility of activities, tastings, interior tours and surrealist evenings.

    Info: +32 (0)496 38 85 94 |

  • Culturama: This is not a surrealist itinerary

  • You have 2 possibilities:

    • A walk in the centre of Jette where you will discover the René Magritte House-Museum. René Magritte lived here for 24 years with his wife Georgette and painted most of his masterpieces here.
    • A walk in the centre of Brussels, following in the footsteps of Magritte and his friends.

    Info: +32 (2) 569 27 74 | |

  • Bus Bavard/Chatterbus: Bowler hats and ruffles of rain...

  • Writers and painters, with their feet in Brussels and their heads in the clouds, Magritte, Marien, Nougé and their whimsical brothers in arms could be found in cafés with delicious names like “L’Agneau Moustique” (The Mosquito Lamb)... Today, they remain present in the city and several of its bars... what if we used their raft of memory or flying umbrellas to discover the intrepid approach they took to reality and art...

    Info: Tel. : +32 (0)2 673 18 35 | |

  • Arkadia: Surrealism in Brussels

  • You will become a bit of a Magritte expert! This visit will immerse you in the painter’s artistic world. Follow in the footsteps of René Magritte and his surrealist friends and decode our lives. You will undoubtedly be bowled over by the strange: Brussels is indeed different!

    Info: +32 (0)2 563 61 53 | |

  • Pro Velo: Magritte and the Surrealists

  • Known as the capital of surrealism, Brussels has two Magritte museums: the René Magritte Museum in Jette, located in the house where he lived and worked for nearly 24 years, and the Magritte Museum, on Place Royale. The tour passes by Jette (an additional €4 for entry) and crosses the town centre. The painter is presented through the places in which he used to live and find inspiration in and by a host of anecdotes about the surrealist movement. (18km)

    Info: +32 (0)2 517 17 65 |