Commemorative sculpture 22/03

Commemorative sculpture 22/03

“Wounded but Still Standing in Front of the Inconceivable”

A sculpture dedicated to the victims of 22 March 2016 was unveiled to the press on Sunday.

The piece, measuring 20 metres and made up of two stainless steel plates, was created by Brussels sculptor Jean-Henri Compère and will be erected on the central pedestrian axis of the Rue de la Loi, between Schuman roundabout and Cinquantenaire park.

Compère described his work as “two plates that rise skywards to face each other, delivering a strong message of the rejection of violence and leaving, through the space between them, room for dialogue and hope.”

“The stainless steel will reflect the weather. When the weather is overcast, the sculpture will reflect the gloom. When it rains, the drops will be visible like tears on a canvas. And when the sun is out, it will shine. That’s life, hope.”