Competition terms and conditions - shopping weekend

1. Organisation

The current competition (hereafter “the Competition”) is organised by the non-profit company (hereafter “” or “the ORGANISER", head office of which is established at 1000 Brussels, 2-4 Rue Royale.

2. Conditions of participation

2.1 Participation in the Competition is exclusively reserved for individual persons aged 18 years and over. 

2.2 Members of staff of the company are not eligible to participate in the Competition.  Also not eligible are persons who (i) have any direct or indirect legal ties with the ORGANISER or with any of the companies involved in either the organisation or the distribution of the Competition, and (ii) have a direct association with any of the aforementioned (ascending line of parentage or descending line of offspring, spouses, cohabiting partners, brothers and sisters).

2.3 Only one Competition entry per person is permitted. Participants who submit more than one entry through the use of different email addresses or different identities, or through any other method aimed at participating more than once, will be disqualified.

3. Accessibility and duration

The Competition is accessible via the following website:

It will run from November 2016 up to and including 18 December 2016.

4. Method of participation

4.1 In order to participate, the participant must:

  • register on line at with personal details including a valid email and/or postal address; participation will only be considered valid if all information requested is correctly provided ;
  • reply to the Competition question(s).

The winners will be those participants who reply correctly to the question(s).

In the event of a tied result, winners will be decided by the drawing of lots conducted by Mrs Emmanuelle Osselaer in his capacity as Product Expert to

4.2. The winners will be selected within 5 calendar days following the closing date of the Competition and will be informed by an email from during this period.

Winners who do not claim their prize within 5 days of receipt of this email, forego their right to such prize. Prized claimed will be sent by regular post, or where applicable by email, at the cost of the Organiser. Unclaimed prizes will not be redistributed to participants.

4.3. Participants who do not win a prize will not be notified by the ORGANISER.

4.4. The ORGANISER reserves the right to publish the full names of the winners and a list of prizes received on the Internet site without the winners deriving any further rights other than the receipt of their prizes.

5. Prizes

5.1. The ORGANISER will award one prize per winner.

The prize consists of the following elements (every element is specific to a theme):

  • 2 nights stay, breakfast included, at Sheraton (06.01.2017 and 07.01.2017)
  • 2 Brussels Cards
  • 1 welcome pack

5.2. Transport is not included.

5.3. Prizes cannot be altered or exchanged.

5.4. The ORGANISER reserves the right, at its discretion, to change the Competition prize for one of a similar value. The ORGANISER gives no guarantee, explicit or implicit, as to the type, quality or suitability of such prize for a particular objective.

6. Responsibility of the ORGANISER

6.1. The ORGANISER reserves the right to modify the organization of the Competition, to suspend it or to end it at any time and without prior notice in the event of force majeure or any exceptional circumstances beyond its control, such as the malfunction of the Internet, or any other problem with connections to telecommunication networks, computers, Internet providers and servers, and this without giving rise to any claim of any nature from the participants or any other person.

6.2. Unless due to professional or intentional misconduct, neither the ORGANISER nor its staff, nor third parties called upon in connection with the competition can be held responsible for possible damages of any nature whether occurring during participation in the Competition or resulting from the organization of the Competition, the designation of winners, or the attribution or non-attribution of prizes. Nor can they be held responsible for alterations, suspensions or cancellations in relation to the previous point.

6.3. The ORGANISER cannot in any way be held responsible for the incorrect or unclear entry of data supplied by participants, leading to an erroneous or unknown email or postal address, or telephone number of any participant.

7. Request for information

7.1. All complaints, claims or requests for information concerning the Competition must be addressed by email to Mrs. Emmanuelle Osselaer ( reserves the right to reply at its discretion to such complaints or remarks. The absence of response can in no way be considered as agreement by the Organiser with what has been written.

7.2. The ORGANISER will not respond to any request by telephone concerning the Competition.

8. Management of personal data

8.1. The treatment of data relative to participation in the Competition is managed by the non-profit company (herein “the ORGANISER”) in accordance with provisions of the law of 8 December 1992 concerning the protection of privacy and with the provisions set forth in the law of 11 March 2003 regarding certain legal aspects concerning the use of services of the Information Society.

8.2. The ORGANISER informs participants that their personal data will be stocked and conserved in the data bank of The collection and treatment of data helps ensure the efficient operation of the Competition, in particular enabling the ORGANISER to contact participants and award prizes effectively and within the stipulated time period.

8.3 Every participant has the right to access, modify, correct or delete their data. This right may be exercised by contacting the manager of data treatment at the following address : ASBL, 1000 Brussels, 2-4 Rue Royale, or at the following email address :

8.4. If the participant has specifically indicated on the registration form that his personal data may be used by the ORGANISER or if applicable, by all its partner companies or companies affiliated with, for marketing purposes (such as, particularly, the reception of emails containing information regarding products and services of the ORGANISER, the ORGANISER will retain and utilise the data of the participant for these purposes.

8.5. Participants have however the right to withdraw their permission at any time. This request should be made in writing to the following postal address : ASBL, 1000 Brussels, 2-4 Rue Royale or by email to :

9. Adherence to regulations

9.1. The act of participating in the competition implies full and total acceptance of these regulations.

9.2. The current regulations may be consulted at the address :  

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The current regulations and their interpretation are governed by Belgian law. In case of dispute, the Brussels law courts will have sole jurisdiction.

11. Miscellaneous

In the event that one of the clauses of the current regulations is considered null and void, all remaining terms and conditions will remain in force.