FAQ’s Tours for groups

FAQ’s Tours for groups

Are you travelling in a group? Do you want a tailored programme? Call on one of our guided tour partners who are experts in their destination and passionate about its heritage!

While 10 specialist guide associations can take you to the top Brussels attractions in large groups, others will offer you a special package to get you off the beaten track under a particular theme or by bicycle, boat, segway, tram trip, etc. Discover the 2020 guided tour selection available in over 15 languages:  www.visit.brussels/toursforgroups.

  • How much does a guide cost?
    On average, the price for a private guided tour amounts to €170 for a duration of 2.5 to 3 hours with a maximum of 25 participants.

    Who are Brussels' guided tour organisations?
    Brussels is bubbling with these initiatives. There are nearly 80 guided tour organisers.  A dozen of them specialise in guided tours for groups on grand tours. Others provide a specific discovery package or experience.

    Do I need a second tour guide if I have a group of 50 on a bus?
    No. One guide is enough for a bus tour. For combined bus and pedestrian tours, a second guide is advisable for the pedestrian part.

    How do I book a guided tour?
    Tours can be booked straight from the organisation, whose details can be found in the tour's useful information section. Tell us what you are looking for in a request form. You will receive a quote according to the duration, number of participants, number of guides, language chosen...

    What languages are available for guided tours in Brussels?
    There are over fifteen languages available. The majority of our guided tours can be given in French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish and Italian. Other languages are available on request, such as Chinese, Russian, Polish, Japanese and others.
    Languages: AR, DA, DE, EN, ES, FR, HE, HU, IT, JA, NL, PL, PT, RU, SV, TR, ZH

    Can I book a guided tour at the last minute?
    Yes. It is sometimes possible to book up to 12 hours in advance depending on the availability of tour guide associations. 

    Is it possible to visit other towns, leaving from Brussels?
    Yes. Certain associations will take you to visit other towns in Belgium with the same guide. Simply contact one of the following associations. Feel free to contact the Discover the City service at guides@visitbrussels.be for any enquiries.

    How can I cancel my guided tour?
    In the event of cancellation, the organising association must be contacted as soon as possible. Please contact the organisation whose details are featured on the confirmation voucher.

    What should I do if I'm late to the meeting point?
    If you are running late, you must contact the organiser of the guided tour as soon as possible (see details on your booking confirmation). The association's conditions will remain applicable (such as whether or not the tour will end at the original time).

    How do I recognise the tour guide?
    The meeting point will be written on your confirmation sheet. Most guides will wear something distinctive (e.g. a badge, umbrella, scarf or the like).

    Can I contact a guide directly?
    Yes. Tour guide associations usually give out a contact number on which to contact your guide at any time. This number can only be used a few days or hours before the tour out of respect for the tour guide's private life.

    Can a guided tour be made shorter once booked?
    This should be arranged with the organisation in question and the guide must be informed. The tour guide association's own conditions will apply in the event of such modifications.

    How do I pay for my guided tour?
    There are various options depending on the organisation chosen: prior payment, after the tour, invoice, bank transfer, online payment or cash).

    Can I book a guide for a whole day, or even longer?
    Yes. To book a guide for several hours and/or days, or for a hotel transfer, here are the contact details of available associations.

    How can I book a tour of Brussels City Hall?
    To book a private guide to visit the City Hall, send an email to guides@visitbrussels.be stating the desired date, time and language and enclosing the attached form. See details of the tour on our website.

    What happens if it rains?
    The tour will still take place. Our guides are used to the weather in Belgium. Make sure you bring suitable clothing. In the event of very bad weather, the organisation may cancel the tour. In this case you will be informed and kept up-to-date.

    Who can I contact to provide feedback on my experience?
    Fill in our online form using this link: www.visitbrussels.be/qualitydestination