Galleries / Openings

Galleries / Openings

In recent years, Brussels has proved to be a strategic place for galleries. Thanks to its central location, the capital has succeeded in standing out from the crowd by allowing both big galleries and newer ones to show this fertile artistic ground to advantage. A new wave of national and international galleries have therefore chosen to set up here, in the upper or lower part of town. Uptown Brussels takes you either side of the beautiful Avenue Louise. Some big names in contemporary art are concentrated in the area around rue de Livourne and rue de l'Abbaye among others. Uptown Brussels is also home to a whole series of new galleries. As you stroll around these districts, you’ll come across both quality and something new, as much from international artists as from Belgian ones, already recognised or emerging. While Downtown Brussels is a more eclectic district. There’s a mix of art galleries, creative talents, fashion and design shops, working-class cafés, cool places and specialist shops here. Thanks to this blend of influences and trends, the galleries that call this home will impress you with their avant-gardism, hosting mainly young or up-and-coming artists. Open-mindedness and curiosity are the watchwords of this constantly evolving district.

Below are some of the must-see galleries in the capital.

To find out about the exhibitions on their programmes and the preview dates on their calendars, be sure to visit the NECA Website (“New Exhibitions of Contemporary Art”) -, subscribe to the newsletter or obtain the NECA leaflet, which is available in most of the galleries as well as at many other cultural venues in the capital.

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