Global Association Hubs Partnership

Global Association Hubs Partnership

Partner cities announce 3 key steps to accelerate program

Brussels, Belgium, 26 May 2016

Following creation of the Global Association Hub Partnership (GAHP) at the end of 2015, the 4-city Partners – Destination DC, Dubai Association Center, Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau and - have announced three key action points to accelerate their plans to help associations grow and expand internationally:

  • the appointment of Hervé Bosquet to drive the project forward;
  • the creation of a dedicated website to define the program;
  • the introduction of a dialogue process with association top management.

Appointment of Hervé Bosquet, GAHP Senior Adviser

The Partners have appointed Hervé Bosquet to drive the GAHP project forward. As head of the Brussels Convention Bureau until the end of last year, Hervé has the qualifications and commitment to meet this challenge:

“I am delighted to see that the discussions we started 5 years ago have now turned into action. I am very proud to be given the opportunity to help make it happen” states Hervé Bosquet.

Speaking on behalf of the Partners, Melissa Riley, VP Convention Sales & Services, Destination DC explains: “The corner issue guiding Hervé and all Partners is not so much to sell more meetings but to take the long-term view and help associations to build capacity, better support their overseas membership and grow their activities.”

Dedicated GAHP website

The program is defined on a new GAHP website, online from 26th May. The content sets out the aims of the project and benefits that associations can expect.

“Senior association executives are short of time and want the facts, so we have designed this site to be clear, simple and to the point” says Elisabeth Van Ingelgem, Director, Brussels Convention & Association Bureau.

Dialogue process with association top management

Stressing the collaborative nature of the whole GAHP program, the Partners also announce that roundtable discussions will be held with senior executives of representative associations to validate the premise on which the Partnership is based and prioritize proposed action.

These discussions will be conducted at the European Association Summit in Brussels, 31 May-1 June, and continued at the Global Engagement Summit in Washington DC, 8-9 June. The dialogue will also be activated at the ASAE Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, 13-16 August, and at IMEX America in Las Vegas, 18-20 October.

“The success of our GAHP approach is dependent on establishing on-going dialogue with association decision-makers. We need to fully understand their market demands and take on board their advice and experience – so that we can continually develop and adjust our program to meet them” explains Jeannie Lim, Executive Director, Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau.

 “Successful associations are good for all Partner cities. I believe that this Partnership is a game-changer in our industry. It will foster long-term relationships with international associations looking to expand and reinforce our cities’ status as global association hubs” concludes Steen Jakobsen, Director, Dubai Business Events.