Meet the Association Bureau Team

Welcome into 2017!

The beginning of the 2017 has also been the moment of putting a new team to lead the activities of the Association Bureau.

Established in 2016, the Association Bureau aims at providing all necessary support to international associations for their activities in Brussels and guide to partners and services active in different fields.

Contact details: Association Bureau Services

  • Jan Lichota, Manager of the Association Bureau, joined end of last year to lead the development of the Bureau activities. He has put his varied educational background for The Brewers of Europe in Brussels as Legal Advisor for several years and has also been active in the fields of event management and journalism. He is also a university lecturer in his home country, Poland.

  • Perrine Bowe, within the Association Bureau since its establishment, is the project manager of the European Association Summit and coordinator of the different activities dealt by the Bureau.

  • Lara Grofils, joined end of last year. Her role is to engage international associations in Brussels around the Association Co-Space project, through good networking, community and event management, and partnerships.