Brussels by e-bike!

Brussels by e-bike!

Guided tours through Brussels, with the wind in your hair as you ride an e-bike: that’s what Once in Brussels has in store for you. Best of all, there are routes for every season!

Different routes for every season

Spring is here, so let’s head south!

As Brussels starts to forget the harshness of winter and put away its big jumpers for another year, we take you to the south of the capital! Thanks to your bike’s little electric boost, you’ll make short work of Altitude Cent, Brussels’ version of Everest. Then we ride on to Uccle with its beautiful Art Deco and modernist masterpieces and bucolic past. This eclectic tour is full of surprises, because Brussels is ever-changing!

In the summer Brussels is green and blue!

When the sun’s shining there’s nothing better than a ride along the waterfront and through the shade of the trees. Your e-bike will carry you along the Maalbeek valley. This scenic 25 km ride lets you enjoy Brussels’ peaceful side, as we pass numerous parks and residential neighbourhoods.

An autumn stroll

Brussels is a city where the living is easy, even in the autumn. So, take a ride with us from a Norwegian chalet to the European Parliament, from an Abbey to a university and discover a number of the capital’s delightful hidden treasures.

Brussels’ winter charms

Brussels has a special charm in the wintertime, so why not make the most of it? Because it’s colder out, the route is a few kilometres shorter, meaning we can spend the time we’ve gained inside some of the city’s monuments! You’ll also be treated to a hot chocolate break in a surprising place!

For individuals

Only on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Depending on demand, we try to fill groups with up to 12 people.

For a 4-hour tour with a guide and e-bike rental, flat rate:

€49 per person

€44 pp (-21 years old, +65 years, loyal customers or individual price for groups of at least 6 people)

€39 pp (individual price for groups of 12 people)

We provide free seats for children aged between 1 and 6 years old.

For private groups

Guided tours organised every day, depending on availability.

For a 4-hour tour with a guide and e-bike rental, flat rate: €468 (= price for a group of 12 people). We take €15 off this basic rate for very non-participant. For groups of more than 12 people, we can arrange a personalised quote.

Example for 5 people: €468 - (€15 x 7 non-participants out of a group of 12) = €363.

Example for 9 people: €468 - (€15 x 4 non-participants out of a group of 12) = €408.


Once in Brussels

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