Philantropy House : a place to discover !

With its exhibitions, debates, meetings, screenings, and the people working there trying to make the world a better place, Philanthropy House will help you understand and recognise the work of the European philanthropic sector. 

A truly pan-European initiative, Philanthropy House was first conceived in 2009 by six leading foundations from across the continent who agreed on the need for a stronger presence for the sector in Brussels.  With six current tenants, the building now houses an eclectic mix of organisations and memberships under one roof. This isn’t just an exciting experiment, it also sends an important message out about solidarity and collaboration at a point in its history when Europe needs shining examples in these areas.

The facilities include several meeting and reception rooms : from 12 (boardroom style) to 60 (theatre style). Receptions up to 100 persons. There is also a cafeteria lounge and a cinema corner for up to 20 people for documentary, film screenings and presentations.

Philantropy House
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