Retro / Vintage / Second Hand Brussels !

Retro / Vintage / Second Hand Brussels !

In Brussels, vintage is shining ! Flea markets, vintage shops, and antique boutiques are overflowing with design and fashion treasures - everything can be recycled and transformed! Brussels' retro authenticity doesn't end there, however, with numerous events catering to 'old school' fanatics searching for that perfect bit of retro charm.

  • Shops

    Brussels holds several vintage shops, they're like real treasuries :

  • Events

  • Brussels Design Market

    When : Every year in September , within the context of Design September. This year on 10 and 11 September 2016
    Where: Tour&Taxis, avenue du Port, 86c - B 1000 Brussels
    What: 15 hundred exhibitors, professionals and dedicated amateurs, hailing from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy will be unpacking furniture and other design objects from the 50s, 60s, 70s and early 80s in the convivial atmosphere of a busy flea market.
    Info :

  • Brussels Vintage Market

    When: every first Sunday of the month, from noon to 7pm
    Where: Les Halles Saint-Géry, 1 Place Saint-Géry, 1000 Brussels
    What: The Brussels Vintage Market is welcoming nearly 1000 visitors every time. The event adds an original setting to Sunday shopping – for a drink among friends or lunch on a terrace, all with an old-time musical atmosphere. The vintage style now covers several sectors of activity, for a taste of nostalgia for our childhood and a look over the shoulder at previous generations and a hint of times we would have liked to know better. What is more, the trend for second-hand goods is growing today in a direct response to our ecological and economic concerns. So the vintage trend is becoming a new type of aesthetics, as old styles are reinterpreted and/or customized by today's fashion artists.

  • Second Life Festival / Vintage Fashion Night

    When: Once in a year. Next edition 25/09/2016
    Where: La Tentation, Rue de Laeken 28, 1000 Brussels & Hotel Le Berger, Rue du berger 24, 1050 Brussels
    What : Browse through vintage clothes stands in all the hotel rooms, enjoy the vintage defile fashion show, renew your wardrobe or redecorate your flat, gorge on a delicious bagel and satisfy your sweet tooth with a cupcake, have your hair and make-up done in the style of a 50's starlet, swing to the rhythm of various bands and chat while enjoying silent movies - there's something for everyone at our Second Life Festival!

  • Flashback - The Vintage Festival

    When: In the month of May
    Where: Palais 2, Brussels Expo - Pl. de Belgique 1 Belgiëpl., 1020 Brussels
    What: Flashback - The Vintage Festival is a unique opportunity to go back in time and relive the glorious 30’s, swinging sixties, sexy disco seventies or pop eighties during a whole weekend exclusively devoted to vintage. Come and enjoy an overview of half a century of trends ranging from music and look, to graphic design and advertising… Flashback is THE vintage event of the year. Discover a giant market bursting at the seams with clothes & accessories, decoration & furniture, vehicles, watches, jewellery & cigarette lighters, vinyl records, toys… to a musical programme spreading on two stages throughout the whole weekend. Countless animations punctuate this festival, giving the event a unique character: concerts, shows, workshops for children and adults, dancing lessons, retro restaurant and much, much more.

  • Hotels

  • Vintage Hotel

    29 Vintage style bedrooms in a majestuous urban mansion from the beginning of the 20th century, Each bedroom is unique and decorated with ultimate pieces of design from the last century.

  • Hotel Le Berger

    A tip of hat to tradition, a bow to modernity. You won’t regret a stay at this iconic and historic Art Deco style hotel, recently renovated. The spirit of the renovation focused on the maximum number of elements left from the original epoch being refined to reconstitute the cinemagraphic ambience of the 1930s decor. The room count remains the same at 50, and the emblematic elements of a ‘rendez-vous’ hotel have been conserved; a double lift, one to go upstairs, one to get downstairs, as not to see nor be seen, open bathrooms, and suggestive decoration such as mirrors bordering the bathtubs.

  • Hotel Esperance

    You are here in an authentic testimony of Belgium’s art. Conceived in 1930 by the famous architect Leon Govaerts - Maison van Buren’s designer- l’Esperance is an exceptional testimony of the Belgian art-deco trend. This masterpiece was classified in 2008. In the floors you will find a charming hotel: all 12 bedrooms have a creative different flavor. While one of them that was decorated by Leon Govaerts himself was miraculously preserved, the other ones were re-interpreted with talent in a resolutely contemporary style. You will be charmed and relaxed by the authentic luxury of the crazy years.

  • Hôtel des Galeries

    At the corner of the Galerie du Roi and Rue des Bouchers, just a stone’s throw from the Brussels Grand’Place and the Manneken-Pis, l’Hôtel des Galeries is now open. L’Hôtel des Galeries is cosy parenthesis of noble materials, and with a contemporary stamp. In the rooms, parquet floors and interior wooden shutters are associated with some pieces by some great names of design, including some Belgians, unique furniture, objects at the antique dealers of the Sablon district, and, as a decorative theme, ceramics with a multiplicity of geometrical figures.Far from the conventional standards integrated into a place charged with history, l’Hôtel des Galeries stands proudly as a serene interval and one of good taste, with distinguished and original luxury.

  • Pantone Hotel

    The Pantone Hotel invites you to experience the city of Brussels through a lens of color and a spectrum of comforts. From the moment you arrive, this “hotel of colors” will awaken your senses to an array of delights and playful surprises. It showcases the color of emotion with a distinctive hue on each colorous guest floor. From vivid to subdued, for business or leisure, this unique boutique design hotel perfectly suits your savvy palette and colorful imagination. Guest rooms feature unique photography by esteemed Belgian photographer Victor Levy. Maps USE-IT had a vintage map: a guide of the best record shops and vintage / 2nd hand clothing stores in Brussels! To lay your hand on one of these go to the USE-IT desk at Galérie Ravenstein 17, 1000 Brussels!