Sustainable meetings catering

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  • Bio Caterer

  • Biorganic factory

    For all your events, big or small, Biorganic factory provides a sustainable, 100% organic catering service which uses seasonal products and local suppliers. This caterer calculates, reduces and offsets the CO2 emissions of each of its events in cooperation with the professionals from CO2Logic.

  • Caterers, restaurants, grocer's shops

  • Greengastronomy (by Traiteur Loriers)

    Greengastronomy helps companies to organise their sustainable event by supplying them with food from a fully sustainable production process.

  • Exki

    For successful business meetings, meals with friends or colleagues, for eating food that's 'natural, fresh & ready', EXKi Delivery delivers your lunch everyday to your workplace or home, from 30€, in and around Brussels.


  • Le Pain quotidien

    The bread is delicious and certified organic, letting you rediscover a long-forgotten taste, that of leaven. The menu offers all the products on sale on the bakery shelves, breads and jams, coffee and other delicatessen products. A few morning newspapers are also provided.

  • Green Attitude & Green kitchen

    Green Attitude is not a diet but a state of mind, which consists of finding your true nature again: treating yourself while at the same time respecting your body with healthy, natural products. Green Kitchen, their restaurant in Brussels, creates original, fresh selections to meet your high expectations for your work meetings, cocktails or functions.

  • Bio-Shanti

    A restaurant that offers vegetarian cuisine. Possibility of organising a banquet/meeting for 30 people.

  • Rouge Tomate

    A restaurant that serves health food cuisine and that's actively involved in the concept of sustainable development.

  • La Saga

    A 100% organic vegetarian food restaurant and Catering Service for individuals or businesses for banquets/meetings.

  • Cool Bun

    Cuisine from the USA, revisited by a discerning gourmet who loves organic and fresh food. If you want to eat the best hamburgers in Brussels, Cool Bun is the place to go.

  • Dolma

    In one of the capital's oldest shops selling natural and organic products, you'll find, in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, gluten-free and lactose-free products, natural food supplements, organic breads, organic and natural wines, and dishes to take away. There's also a very wide range of teas and a whole section dedicated to Japanese gastronomy. A wide selection of books on Tibetan Buddhism and on naturopathy, aromatherapy and dieting completes this world entirely dedicated to your well-being.

  • Soul

    Their objective is to remind people of the importance of food and how it affects well-being. Their aim is to offer you gourmet meals that are also good for you. Most of their products are organic and free from toxic substances, such as white sugar and preservatives. They cook without butter or cream. To let you discover different culinary experiences, they search the market for products from different countries and cultures which are not always widely available or are not very well known in our part of the world.

  • Tchop Tchop

    Tchop Tchop draws inspiration from London trends, offering you a generous plate of food and a wonderful epicurean range of forgotten flavours. Every day, the counter is filled with different products or, to be more precise, filled with products seasoned or presented in a different way. In the preparation of the mainly vegetarian recipes, there's a little bit of very Anglo-Saxon "fusion, combination". And the interior decor is not left out either. With its wood panelling, tiling and pretty counter, the place has the feel of one of those famous London "Delis".

  • La Tsampa

    La Tsampa is a very well-known vegetarian and organic restaurant on Rue de Livourne, just a couple of minutes away from Rue du Bailli and Avenue Louise. You can find all sorts of organic produce there, such as fruit and vegetables, frozen goods, various soya products, vitamins and many more products besides. All the products are organic. If you like vegetarian and organic food, this is the perfect place for you.

  • The Peas

    The Peas, the organic grocer's shop, offers you a wide range of local, seasonal or more varied fruit but always organic. Their fruit is full of flavour and selected one by one, each one ready to eat immediately in the workplace. Original baskets with a variety of delicatessen or fresh produce, combined with participation in carbon offset programmes, unique to your business.

  • 100% belge

    100% Belgian is a simple and original way to introduce you to the flavours and products of our different regions in Belgium. Equally the 100% Belge project has its roots in the environment. With all suppliers located in Belgium transportation of the produce is kept to the minimum. So not only are you eating the freshest and best that Belgium has to offer, you are also contributing is some small way to a better environment. Our three Chefs Vincent Masson, Dominique Gaudemer, and Christian Tirilly have sourced local producers to select the finest products in the region and combine them to create dishes that celebrate the best Belgium has to offer.

  • Sikou

    Sikou is an all-out celebration of organic food. Not only does Sikou serve home-made ice cream in a wide variety of different flavours (almond, carrot, nougat, macaroon,...), guests can also tuck into an excellent daily special, order delicious savoury pancakes as well as sample a nice selection of organic ales and wines. All ingredients are carefully selected, and are sourced from organic farms or fair trade networks. 

  • Le Zinneke

    Le Zinneke is 'organic'-certified for its fruits, vegetables, and potato products (chips/French fries, potato croquettes, ..), rice, cheeses, chocolates, olives, olive oils. All dishes are home-made using only fresh and healthy products. That is without even mentioning the daily fresh arrival of Zeeland mussels with what is probably one of the widest choice of preparations anywhere in Belgium with no less than 69 different styles to try!

  • Slurps

    All dishes are deliciously vegetarian & sublimely vegan, with most even entirely gluten-free. Surprising and tempting, responsible, health-conscious, and concerned for the well-being of our environment and the future of our planet. These are the values which SLURPS catering is committed to with the sole aim of bringing you pure culinary bliss at any of the day and the year!