’ Association Bureau is proud to support the campaign #AllStorks’ Association Bureau is proud to support the campaign #AllStorks

At the initiative of nonprofit ''BIG against breast cancer'', the Grand Place carried the colours of the fight against breast cancer on Monday, October 17th.

BIG against breast cancer is the lay public name of the Breast International Group (BIG), an international not-for-profit organisation based in Brussels, Belgium. The Breast International Group (BIG) represents the largest network of academic research groups (with members in more than 50 countries in 6 continents) specifically focusing on breast cancer research.

To collect these vital funds, “BIG against breast cancer” launched in September “BIG Time for Baby”, a global crowdfunding campaign.

BIG against breast cancer draws attention to the need to support academic research and calls upon the public to participate in the #AllStorks campaign to allow young women who survived hormone dependent breast cancer to try for a baby.

Despite important progress in the last decades, the number of breast cancer diagnostics is on the rise. Today, a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer is 1 in 8. Breast cancer still causes over 500,000 deaths annually in the world. About 15% of patients with breast cancer are diagnosed during their reproductive years.


Find out more at: Big Time for Baby