and Air advertising agency win first prize at the prestigious “One Show” and Air advertising agency win first prize at the prestigious “One Show”

Commissioned by in early 2016, the aim of #CallBrussels was to rehabilitate the image of the Belgian capital using spontaneous comments from passers-by answering the phone.

Organised from 7 to 11 January, the #CallBrussels campaign was a great success. For four days, the entire world had the opportunity to call three public telephones scattered around the Brussels-Capital region. Passers-by, both locals and tourists, made candid comments to callers about their experiences in this destination and the prevailing atmosphere. A total of 12,688 people from 154 different countries telephoned Brussels.

The campaign immediately met with great success, creating a buzz on social media, and it was widely covered by traditional media as well. Now the additional recognition from the “One Show” underlines the success of this concept, a first in the history of creativity in Belgium. As well as a first prize, #CallBrussels was also awarded a Merit Pencil in the Direct category.

"This award recognises the creativity of which we are so proud in Brussels. The special theme of this campaign proves that even in difficult times we can count on Brussels public services to change the perception of our capital. I would like to congratulate and the Air agency for their excellent work," said Rudy Vervoort, Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Moreover, it is good to insist that this campaign was made two months before the Brussels bombings on March 22nd 2016. has decided to keep sharing this as a symbol against terrorism. Because Brussels will never give up its values of openness and tolerance.